Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Going on retreat

I'm leaving for a 4 day quilting retreat tomorrow morning.  Me and friend Marlyn are driving up together to Carpinteria where we will visit a new-old quilt shop (new shop replacing old shop in same location).  Then we will meet friends for lunch before coming back down south to a lovely beach house right on the sea wall between Carpinteria and Ventura.

When we arrive, we will set up our machines and put the pedal to the metal and sew sew sew.  I can't wait!  24 of us are going to be there, all sewing (and eating and drinking... there's a little bit of everything going on at our retreats). 

I would say I'm going to miss my husband, kitties and dog, but I know I will be too busy to miss them terribly.  I have a feeling they will miss me more than I will miss them.  As always though, however much fun I have at retreat, going home is always a delight too. 

If the internet isn't working there, I'll be offline for 4 days - see you when I get home!  Have a great weekend!

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