Sunday, November 20, 2011

What to do with all those flying geese?

Having given a tutorial for how to make no-waste flying geese, I've been asked what I do with all the geese I make this way. 

Well, lately I've been making geese for quilt me and some friends are making as a block exchange project.  My two blocks in the exchange are both comprised of flying geese.  The first one is just rows of little 1x2 inch geese.  I had to make 6 of the blocks, with 18 geese in each block, that means I had to make 108 geese to make this one block six times:

The second set of geese were a little larger to make a flying dutchman block, one of my favorite blocks of all time:

I think maybe I should have had the green and purple be a little further apart in value, because they both look almost black in the photo, but really, the purple geese form a pinwheel int he center and the other geese are dark green.  As with the other one, I had to make 6 blocks, so a lot of geese between the two.

Anyway - that's what I've done with the most recent sets of geese that I've made, all using the no-waste method I wrote a tutorial for in my last post.

You can see the whole quilt 'Ryokan' at - it is a charming quilt.  It's also in issues 85 and 86 of Quiltmania Magazine, which is where I first found it. 

I do want to clarify something - I want to make it clear that I didn't invent that method, I was merely passing it along to anyone who hadn't seen it before, or trying to make it easy to do for someone who might have been confused by a previous tutorial.  I'm not sure any one person can claim the method as their own invention.  It is simply 'out there' in the world of quilting and I am just one more person making sure the word gets spread.


  1. What a great project - combining the FG in a little house block. This must be fun to look at on your design wall.

  2. Hi! Found your blog through another blog I follow. Love the house blocks, and the flying geese tutorial is great. I am your new follower. Nice to *meet* you.