Monday, January 6, 2014

Back then Front Challenge, Part Two

I have found this 'challenge' to be extremely liberating.  While I still try to make sure there is some coordination with either color or design vibe between the backs and the fronts I pair them with,  I am no longer quite so insistent on it, willing to put things together just to 'ger 'er done'.  I find this process difficult, but getting easier as time goes on. 

Sticking to my resolve to make backs for the quilts tops I have languishing in my UFO piles, I picked another large piece of fabric and sewed it together, making it double wide (84").  It wasn't quite as big as my last backing piece, but it will do.  It is a print full of mushrooms (and insects),  At one time it appealed to me for some reason, but not so much anymore.

  I found a cute little house BOM I did a few years ago online to use this with.

I wish I could remember the name of the designer or the website (I think it was a blog) where I followed along on this BOM.  Unfortunately, I have gone through a computer or two since then, so I no longer have the same links saved on this computer, and I can't recall the designer's name or the name of the blog.  (If you're reading this and recognize it, please let me know more information so I can add the designer's name to my label).

There was enough fabric left over of the backing to finish off an old table runner with.  The runner is composed of leftover blocks from a hidden wells project made with Halloween/fall fabrics.

Perhaps this will be the first table runner that I actually keep and use on my table.  The others have all been given away as hostess gifts (exccept for the one I kept, which is now a piano runner, not a table runner).

Time to move on and make yet another back!  Looking at the pile of backing fabrics, I'm kind of at a loss as to what to pick next.  Maybe I should pick a few tops with similar color schemes or 'vibes' to them and pick a back accordingly?  We'll see... I will post my choices next time...

Until them, take care and happy quilting to you.

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