Friday, January 3, 2014

Working "Backwards"

Stashbusters is having a 'Back to Front' challenge.  Today I
took a huge chunk of gold fabric and made it into backs:

This is the original piece of fabric, all folded and ready to be used.

I thought it was SO big, it would make at least 3 backs, so I brought three quilts with me to cut backs for.  Unfortunately, I overestimated, and this huge pile of fabric only made two backs.  The first one I cut is for a Saturday Sampler I did about 3 years ago, all made with Asian fabrics:

I designed the borders myself, and added the paper-pieced kanji.  I got the patterns for the kanji from kitten's mittens website (which has since moved to the link I provided here, but still available online).  The patterns are 'fabric ware' (kind of like share-ware, but you send a fat quarter to use the patterns, very reasonable). 

I also made a backing for Ryokan  Ryokan is designed by Joe of Thimblecreek Quilts.

Now I am busy cutting batting for these two quilts and off they go to Stovers.  Maybe I will be able to mail them tomorrow - that'd be awesome!  The sooner I send them out, the sooner I will be able to bind them and call them finished!

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