Saturday, May 17, 2014

Autumn Joy

Finally, I can call this BOM done.  17 months in the making, though in truth 3 of those were waiting for the quilting. 
Lots of fun to make, a journey taken with friends, most of whom unfortunately fell behind during the year.  I enjoy BOMs because there's very little pressure with only one block to do each month... normally I'd feel stressed to get an entire quilt's worth of blocks done in a very short time.  With a BOM, they are doled out in manageable bits.

I am doing 2 BOMs and 2 Saturday Samplers this year... so come December I should have 4 quilts ready for finishing and quilting. 

Of course, I SHOULD be working on other quilts as well, but right now, I'm just not.  I am busy sorting bins of fabric into 'want' and 'don't want' piles, so I will be ready to take the 'don't want' fabrics to a quilter's yard sale next Saturday.  I will also be selling old rulers and such too.  I hope it all goes so I don't have to bring anything home except empty bins.

Also, I just got word from my doctor that he thinks I need both knees replaced... waaah... I won't be able to sew for a very long time, I think... I'd better have a lot of hand projects ready!

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