Thursday, May 15, 2014

Woodland Creatures is DONE!!

So Kathy send me word that the quilting on Woodland Creatures is finally done... she has been working on this for a very long time - over a week!  Which is a long time for a longarm quilting job!

Here are some pics of the quilt... starting with a shot of the whole quilt:  Isn't it amazing!!??!!  I am just thrilled by the quilting...
Here are a couple of new detail shots.  Starting with the squirrel and raccoon:
 and the possum (and part of the fox):
I cannot wait to see the quilt close up...

My first chance to see the quilt will be at the quilt show in Utah in June.  And if it's like most quilt shows, I won't even get to touch it when I see it!

I'm so excited... it will hang in two quilt shows this summer, before it hangs in my guild's show in October (assuming my guild even has a show in October - Mancuso Bros. have booked a show in Palm Springs the same weekend and we have lost most of our regular vendors to the Palm Springs show... without vendors, we may not even have a show, as the vendor booth fees pay for the venue).

Even one of our local quilt shops has deserted us and is even hosting a bus to Palm Springs for the show, pulling away our clientele as well... I think it's kind of rude but who am I to judge?

I was hoping to put the quilt in Road to California, but they had a partial version of the quilt in their show last year, so I sincerely doubt they will jury mine in this year...  They don't like to repeat quilts, though I must say the quilting on that one was minimalistic to say the least and this one is far from that.  Perhaps the beautiful quilting will get it in... We'll see.

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