Friday, May 2, 2014

Again, I am just I OMG over the moon with the quilting!!!

More quilting-in-progress:  Kathy's quilting is just awesome!!!!

This is the fox block, obviously, and shows the border next to it well, and some of the quilting around the fox is visible too.

Here's the quilt sitting on the frame - you can see she is almost at the bottom!  When she gets all the background quilted, she will go back and quilt the animals and plants!  I can't wait to see the new progress.

And doesn't the backing look just luminous compared to the navy blue on the front?  I'm glad I chose a Stonehenge for the back to give it some interest and depth there too.

...and just to show that this is not her first rodeo so to speak, and she is just that skilled, here's a look at her studio with her ribbons for her quilting!!!  Isn't she amazing???

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