Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Feeling Kittenish

The kitten quilt is done... well the top is finished anyway - even the borders are on, which is something of an accomplishment for me.  I'm real happy with it now and can't wait to get it quilted.  Can't decide whether to custom quilt it or just get an overall pantograph type pattern.  I generally don't care for pantographs, preferring custom, but it's not like this is a piece of great art or anything.  I have to think about it more.

It came out too large to take a picture full frontal, so I had to stand at an angle to get it all.. sigh... I will try to take a better picture tomorrow when I have access to a larger design wall without storage cabinets and stash shelving half in front of it.

I made backs and cut batting for two quilts today too, so tomorrow will be a basting day for me... Maybe I'll do some quilting over the weekend.  I made a commitment to finish one of the two quilts by early January... the other one has no set time limit but I had a piece of batting and backing the right size, so I figure: why not use them?  I'm excited to see these two little quilts done... Both are round robin quilts about 3' wide and a 3 1/2-4' long, so should be fairly easy to quilt.

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A Mysterious start to the year

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