Monday, December 26, 2016

En Provence Mystery, Part 5

And another one bites the dust... I finished the BH En Provence mystery, part 5 now... I just wonder how many parts there will be.  Others who have done Bonnie Hunter's mysteries before have said she does the reveal on or by New Year's Eve.  If that's the case, there should only be a few more clues.  We'll see.

Here's a picture of my blocks:

Today I will be sewing at my local quilt shop - they are holding an in-house daytime retreat that lasts 4 days (10am-5pm each day).   Car is already packed up with almost everything I need.   I hope they let us leave our machines so we don't have to trek them back and forth each day!

6 more nights of Chanukah to go, so the holidays aren't over yet for me... and then there is 12th night on January 7th... (we celebrate everything! lol)


  1. You have a splendid collection of purple fabrics there; really quiltalicious!

  2. Eclectic fabrics and eclectic celebrations. Have lots of fun at the retreat.

  3. Four days of sewing with quilt friends sounds like too much fun!!! Your purples are interesting.

  4. These are a great bunch of fabrics! I especially like the cream dot print you've used.


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