Sunday, December 11, 2016

Word for the Year 2017

Well... I didn't do all I said I would do in 2016.  Last year I posted:

My word for the year 2016 is going to be FINISH.  I've started so many things in 2015 and I really need to see an end to these projects so I can feel good about starting new ones.   I have made a promise not to start any new BOMs that I'm not already signed up for (only one new one of those, so I don't feel overwhelmed to start the year.  I'm afraid they will do a Bertie's Summer quilt and I will feel the need to sign up for that one... luckily the Bertie's seasonal quilts are all small, just 4-5 month projects, easy to make, easy to quilt. 
I am not forgetting my words from previous years... It's still all about the JOURNEY, and I'm still SIMPLIFYing - ridding myself of extraneous 'stuff' both quilty and otherwise (yes, there are things we moved with that we didn't really need, so still stuff to get rid of), but I want to finish UFO's this year - I have a lot of them...
I would love to choose a word like 'PLAY' or 'MESSIFY' (I know that's not a real word, but I don't know how else to say it), but I feel like that will have to wait a year.  (By messify, I mean giving myself permission to paint messily, color outside the lines and so forth - I need that encouragement sometimes to be 'me' when I am creating instead of just following patterns by rote). 
Anyway - I look forward to 2016 and all the finishes I will have for the year!
That seems like such a long time ago... and I didn't finish nearly enough things in 2016.  And I surely did NOT keep my promise not to start any new BOMs in 2016.. Sure enough Bonnie Sullivan did a Bertie's Summer, which I HAD to do... and I signed up for Tuxedo Tales, another of her BOMs because, well, it was cats... sigh.  And another BOM, A Kitten's Tale, got added to the list.  One of my local quilt shops was doing Fancy Forest as a BOM, so I signed up for that. And NONE of them are finished yet.  But I resisted the urge to do any Saturday Samplers last year, which was great... and I will try again to resist, but one local shop is doing a pretty cool one, so I may do one.  We'll see.

I have 37 quilts on my UFO list so far for next year... I'm trying to keep that from going up... I'd like to see it come down, which means to finish things... but this year, I have chosen a different word.. or set of words, the finishes will just have to come as they will.

Now to choose a new word for 2017... I am torn between too many options.  I can think of a lot of words to choose from, but these are my main three:

STRONGER...  because I truly believe we ARE stronger together... and in the past I've been taking the easy path, letting things happen around me sometimes that I shouldn't turn a blind eye to.  Time to stand up and be proud and strong. 

NASTY... because there is honor in being a nasty woman now, and I want to be a part of that...


BADASS... because I want to be a part of the badass quilting movement... have been a member of the Badass Quilter's Society for almost 2 years now.. maybe even longer, I can't recall exactly... but I'd like my quilting to reflect more of that...  and my own personal attitude as well... (which takes me back to NASTY and STRONGER too)...

Since I can't decide... and there are no rules lawyers in quilting, right... the quilt police can bite me... I am going to go with all three words this year, instead of just one.

I AM STRONGER, NASTY and BADASS!!!  Hear me roar!!!

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  1. my word last year was finish and i did finish 15 (and 16 almost)...but 3 words is fine i think!