Monday, December 12, 2016

Mystery Clue Trois

I finished clue three of Bonnie Hunter's 'En Provence' mystery last night.  While some of my purples are more plum than purple, and look almost brown in the photo, they ARE plum and came off my purple shelf of my stash...

Looking at them all together, I'm not fond of the plum colors, but I'm sure they'll look fine in the quilt and I'm not re-making any of them.

Can't wait for clue four on Friday!!!

Finished my butterflies top on Saturday.  Kinda glad this one is ready for a back and quilting now.  I did NOT make this one as a labor of love in any way shape or form.. it was purely an obligation, so lacked the pleasure of making to some extent.  Will be happy to gift this one to someone who loves butterflies... I will have to save it for a special someone.

I have counted 37 UFOs in my studio right now, so I've got a lot of 'catching up' to do.  While my word of the day was FINISH for 2016, I didn't do a lot of finishing this past year - more starts than finishes to be sure!  Still, there are 19 days left this month to fix that!  I will make the attempt to finish up one or two more by the end of the month!


  1. I'm sure the plums are plums! My lavenders all look pink in my photos...
    I'm already anxious for clue four, too!

  2. Good for you! Let's take Bonnie's word for it that super-scrappy goes for this design.

  3. Some of my purples look plum also! It will be fun to see how they all turn out. I'm sure it will be plum beautiful!

  4. I too have many UFO's
    and my word for 2016 is "begin" lol


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