Monday, September 9, 2019

Working through Adversity

I despise, hate and revile summer colds.  They are the worst!  Not sure if it's because the weather is hot and uncomfortable, making a fever and chills seem even worse or if it's the actual physical nature of the summer cold itself.  Whatever it is, I've felt miserable since Thursday night. It's Monday now and I still feel awful.

Despite feeling sick, I've still managed to play a game of D&D, keep up with my two games (Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - doing pretty much the minimum I can get away with each day to stay current in them), prepare samples for a class I was supposed to teach on Saturday (and had to cancel) and sew a pair of dust covers for my Berninas. 

The first and largest of the two dust covers is completed:

I sized it to my Bernina 740, but I actually made it for my new 770, which hasn't arrived at the dealer yet.  Since the new 770 is a Tula Pink edition, I made the cover out of Tula Pink fabric, and it's purple and has squirrels, which I think are the cutest things ever, so that's a plus too (only cats would have been better, but I didn't have any TP cat fabric in my stash).  I managed to use up a bunch of purple binding scraps as well..  Now to just get that 770 in my hot little hands... can't wait til it arrives.
I made a 2nd dustcover for my little Bernina (a 350) too, but that one is not bound yet...  Since it is the 350SE Best Friends edition (with paw prints), I made that dustcover from paw print fabric. 

I may do a little quilting today on my second You Lucky Dog quilt, but mostly I'm gonna lay low and work on recovering.  Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be back to myself again, with some energy and initiative.  Stay well!

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