Sunday, October 6, 2019

Weekends are for Sewing!

I'm trying to balance my time a bit because sometimes it feels like my whole days are spent running errands, chasing paper trails and shopping.  Despite my involvement this weekend in a small 3-day online convention (gaming-related), I decided I wanted to reserve some time for sewing too. So far, so good... I sewed for about an hour yesterday and an hour so far today (Sunday).

Thursday, I sewed some square-in-a-square blocks for a mystery quilt I started last month.  Last night (Saturday), I trimmed them all and squared them up (a few were off by a bit).  Here's last month's block (the 'house' block on the right) and this month's two blocks (the two different sias blocks):

I liked my fabrics when I picked them, but I'm thinking i"m not so fond of them now... we'll see how it comes out...

Last night I pieced the blocks together to make the top of this mystery quilt-a-long by Pat Sloan.  I cut and sewed the inner border and attached it.  Today, I cut and sewed the outer border and put it on. 

Now, it is time to make a back for it... I have a space-walk panel to use for the back, but it needs to be bigger, so I'll be adding all the left-over fabrics from the top, and when those run out, I'll add anything that coordinates from my stash.

Having said that, I ran out, took the dogs for their rabies shots so they can get licensed this year, and then came home to the quandary of exactly how to make the panel bigger.  I thought about doing a log cabin sort of treatment around it, and decided against that... Since the panel was selvage to selvage, I decided to border the sides with selvage to selvage strips of various colors from leftovers from the quilt (with a couple of deviations from my stash - running low on some fabrics from the top).  Here is a picture of the back in progress...

Obviously, I still need to trim the side strips top left and bottom right, and then add some fabric to the top and bottom to center the panel vertically as well as horizontally.  Haven't decided yet how to do that.  Strips selvage to selvage will be too short, so maybe some squares?  or half-square triangles arranged in pinwheels, or perhaps some flying geese?   Suggestions are welcome!

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