Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 6, Weds. 2/2/11: Bridgetown, Barbados

After a quick breakfast and an internet café break, we headed out for a boat ride and shipwreck snorkel off Brown’s Beach in Barbados.  The Harbormaster, basically a party boat, took us to the beach where we swam in the clearest, most turquoise ocean water I’ve ever seen.  After lounging on outrageously expensive beach chairs for a while, we went out to snorkel the two shipwrecks right off the shore at Brown’s Beach.  

The fish were incredibly ‘tame’, not afraid of the swimmers at all, in fact one came and nibbled on the end of my finger for a second.  He swam off when he realized I wasn’t edible.  We saw garfish and needlefish and a whole bunch of tropical fish I don’t have names for – beautiful striped fish, black fish with white tails, a beautiful blue-edged fish who glowed in the sunlight, tiny bright yellow fish that darted in and out of one wreck… it was all incredibly beautiful.  Put all the other snorkeling I’ve done til now to shame.  I probably won’t waste my time and money snorkeling off the coast of Mexico ever again… 

We didn’t get back to the ship til 3:30, both incredibly hungry, so we had a little snack and went to play Bingo again (didn’t win, oh well).  Dinner will be late tonight and there’s supposed to be a comedy juggler performing tonight.  Perhaps we’ll try to catch his act.  I really do miss the Flying Karamazov Brothers… 

Joe had a headache, fell asleep early... as did I.  We missed the show, but slept well.  
Posted 2/3/11 because, again, minutes are halved in the early morning internet cafe on board.

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