Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 9, Sat 2/5/11: at sea

Today is the last day of our cruise.  More classes today – morning and afternoon for me, morning only for Joe.  I left the first class early to play bingo and see if I won the cruise – I didn’t win at either, but it was fun.  A quick lunch and I ran off to my afternoon class, where we made little journal books using one of our photos from the cruise.  That was a lot of fun.  Not that the morning class wasn’t fun – it was – just we didn’t get to finish our postcards :(.  

Anyway, tonight there is a farewell party for the quilt and photography cruisers, so we’ll go there after dinner.  Our bags are 95% packed already – just waiting for last minute additions.  We get to disembark early because we are going on a city and everglades tour when we reach Miami.  That should be fun and it would have been such a shame to fly all the way to Florida and see nothing of Miami while we were here.  

Tomorrow we sleep in our own beds again – that will be a welcome change, even though I’ll miss all the glorious service while on the cruise.  It really has been heavenly.

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