Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 5, Tuesday 2/1/11: St. John’s, Antigua

We slept a little better last night.  These beds are like rocks, but our cabin stewards, Benito and Everton brought us a second set of comforters so we could sleep on top of one and under the other.  It helped a little. 

The ship docked in Antigua about 8:30 and we disembarked a little while later.  Warm, humid and windy, we braved the elements such as they were and decided to take a walk around town.  I wanted my free charm bracelet from one of the shops in town and to take a look at the pretty jewelry.  

I was entranced by a few rings, but the prices put me off a bit – way to pricey for me.   Then I spotted a pair of earrings with tanzanite, opal and diamonds.  The price was over $1100, but I bargained her down to $765.  Despite Joe’s disapproving looks, I bought the earrings!  OMG… they are worth more than all my other jewelry put together.  I love them.  So of course now we have to eat out at one of the nicer restaurants tonight so I can show them off…
We made reservations for Le Bistro, the French restaurant on board… with just enough time to have a quick shower between bingo and dinner.  It must be ok, Joe has stopped with the disapproving looks finally… I think he’s gotten used to the idea that I just spent almost half a mortgage payment on a single piece of jewelry, lol… men just don’t get it.  Personally I think he should be thrilled that I’m not addicted to purses and shoes, too.

While we were in town we visited the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda.  Very interesting collection of artifacts and information on the formation of the islands, sources of population and the blending of cultures.  This museum was much better curated than the museum in Road Town, Tortola.  I thought it was kind of interesting that they gave the history of their building as well.  At one time it was the local courthouse.  After sustaining earthquake damage, it was taken out of service and empty for some time.  The local historical society took over and turned it into a museum… no mention was made of any retrofitting or repairs…  we were very happy there were no earthquakes while we were there.

After lunch we decided to download photos and charge up electronics… boring but necessary.  Joe finished his book, so I’d better finish reading mine so he can read it next.   Done and done… 

Dinner at le Bistro was very very good, we even tried the salmon mousse, which, for those who know us well,  was a huge leap of faith.  We even got to sample some appetizers that they are ‘previewing’ before adding them to the menu.  The duck mousse was incredible.  I had escargot and rack of lamb… so tender and delicious… I couldn’t eat like that every day, but what a sweet way to punctuate our vacation – with an exceptional meal.  

Time for bed…. Joe is at the cinema on board to watch Quantum of Solace, and I have the room to myself for a bit.  I’m gonna read myself to sleep.  Tomorrow we get to Bridgetown, Barbados where Joe and I are scheduled to take a boat ride and go snorkeling.  Big day, need rest…

Posted 2/2/11 because I was just too tired to head to the cafe last night, and there's free minutes if you use the internet in the morning anyway.  Off to Barbados now....

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  1. What a fabulous adventure you are on! Are you going to post a picture of your earings? I am curious to see such expensive jewelry! Have fun snorkeling!