Saturday, July 2, 2011

UFO Sightings

I was going to wait until fall to quantify all my UFOs.  Why?  Because so many of them are in bins in the garage.  And it's awfully hot out there - too hot to work in the garage.  But, as was pointed out to me, why wait?  Just list the ones I can get to in the house or remember offhand.  What a great idea!  So I did... There were 27 of them that I could lay my hands on or recall from memory.  I know there are people out there with a hundred or more, so I don't feel so bad.

I'm making a commitment to finish at least half of these this year.  I hope I can keep that commitment.  I'd like to commit to finishing half before I start anything new, but I doubt that will happen so by the end of the year is it.  Here's my list:


1.       BOM – Folk Art Cats block 11
2.       BOM - Henrietta Whiskers block 7
3.       BOM – Pumpkin Hill block 2
4.       BOM – Forest Hollow block 1 (cut tree – see block 8, first)
1.       Night Garden – back made, ready for quilting
2.       Flower Garden – has back, back needs piecing
3.       Tiger, tiger – needs quilting finished
4.       Kokeshi doll quilt – needs quilting finished
1.       C&C Oriental SS – needs back
2.       Houses – needs back
3.       African stars – needs back
4.       Flower Garden batik – needs back
5.       Batik blocks – needs back
6.       Parrot nebula – needs back
7.       Portrait of Dad – needs back
1.       Plaid stars – at the LAQ, will need binding
2.       Plaid exchange – at the LAQ, will need binding
1.       Log cabin - outer border?
2.       Black & gold crazy cats – needs outer border
1.       Fairy godmother – needs piecing
2.       Patriotic postcards – need stitching and backs
3.       Native Americans – need piecing? Or just backs
4.       Kimono & cherry blossoms quilt – need to find it L - in garage somewhere
5.       Max lent memorial quilts – in garage, need to find pattern
6.       Iris wholecloth – needs sleeve
7.       Fall wallhanging – pick fabrics

There are a couple of things not on this list that probably should be:
I committed to help make a couple of charity quilts with my mini-group this year
I committed to making a set of batik blocks depicting a beach theme for an exchange in November
I committed to making a 12" white on white pieced block for a tablecloth
None of these commitments have been started yet... sigh

Having this list done really has helped me realize just how much I have in some mid-stage of completion.   I know from experience that having a list and getting to cross things off it is an amazing feeling.  Really makes me feel like I've accomplished something.  I'm looking forward to that!

Anyway, I am having fun at least.  I've been working on my Fairy Quilt Godmother* block while I've been locked up in the house the past 2 days.  The heat outside has been in or near triple digits so I've been sequestered inside with the AC on at full blast.  If our power died, I don't know what I'd do...

*Fairy Quilt Godmother - a 'mystery' block from Paper Panache.  Go look at the 'Parade of Fairy Godmothers'.  These blocks are so interesting because they are all unique and so much fun!  Better yet, design your own and make your own Fairy Godmother - it's FREE!

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