Friday, September 30, 2011

Paint it Black

So I picked out this lovely charcoal color to paint the trim on our house.  The painters were only supposed to use it on the trim and the fascia boards.

Today I walked out into the backyard and found them painting all the posts on the back patio, which we had wanted to keep white.  I shrugged and said 'oh well' cause I figured it would be too hard to paint them back white again.  White over charcoal might never cover.  Then I forgot all about it.

My husband came home from work and had a fit!  He pointed out that charcoal black support posts all along the back of the house would be invisible at night - people would be walking into them.  Whoops!  I didn't even think of that.  So much for not repainting them white.

Tomorrow I have to tell the painters they need to repaint all the support posts.  Sigh.

I wish the house would somehow juat take care of itself  (like my parents' house always seemed to do when I was a kid and unaware of the all the issues).

On a brighter note, I managed to get some sewing done today.  I pieced two blocks for my mini-group's holiday tablecloth.  I made two fabric postcards that just need a little quilting and embellishment.  Tomorrow I pick up a quilt from the LAQ, and tomorrow night I get to see a production of Candide at the Kentwood Theater.  Saturday I will play D&D again.  Maybe I will sew some more on Sunday.

Tuesday, my mini-group is holding a sew-in.  If I can get the binding on my cat quilt by then, I'll be satisfied.  There just never seems to be enough time to sew - or maybe it's that my sewing time doesn't always correspond to my inspired time?

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