Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Working... a little bit

I got the 'bug' to work on a quilt Friday, so I scrambled thru stash and picked fabrics for my winter seasonal wallhanging.  I fused them on Friday, (played D&D on Saturday), edge-stitched the motifs on Sunday, and then I embellished the blocks, sashed and put borders on the quilt Monday.  Today is Wednesday and I managed to get the back and batting cut out, and the quilt basted.  Now all that's left is quilting and binding.  It went together so fast!  I love these little projects.

There was a lot of handwork on this one compared to the others - embroidering the snowman's face and the ice skates, sewing on buttons and beads, but I'm happy with how it came out.

Generally life is good, my son has a job again (yay!) and he's busy with schoolwork as well.  I hope he's happy, he seems to be.  My DH and I are both relatively healthy and doing well.  Really can't ask for more than that I guess, especially these days...  the Dow is up, my depression is not so bad... what's not to smile about!  Also, autumn is here.  The weather will be cooling off soon (I hope).

I love autumn, with the cooling temperatures, the potential of rain, some wonderful cloudy days and the promise of winter!  I call it quilting weather!  I love to sit at my machine on a rainy day and just sew contentedly.  I look forward to curling up under a nice warm quilt and hand-sewing a binding on a frigid winter night. 

I saw a great sign the other day and I just have to share it (please no one take offense, I just thought it was hilarious, but true):

Anyway - have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Now, would it sound insulting if I said the same about gay pride!