Wednesday, April 30, 2014

OMG More Quilting

Another quilting in progress photo showing Kathy's amazing quilting.

The more I see, the more in awe of her skill I am... the swirls and feathers and McTavishing and everything... working in such small spaces... and always finding a way in and out of tight places ... just awesome!!!  I am just so anxious to see it all done!  But I have to wait til August, as it is going into a quilt show in Plano, Texas in mid-August.

I am thinking about driving or flying out to see the show and picking up the quilt myself after the show.. Obviously, I can't drive out there alone - too much driving, but maybe a friend or two will come along.  If I fly, my husband might come with me, since he won't have to miss any work if we leave on Friday evening, see the show and pick up the quilt on Saturday, and fly back on Sunday.  We'll see if either of these ideas will work out.

Too many quilt things coming up!  Central Coast Quilt Run the beginning of June, So Calif. Quilt Run (part of it) the 3rd weekend in June, Quilt show in Midway, UT the last weekend in June, Ventura County Fair (quilts due in July, show in early August), Plano, TX quilt show mid-August... Not to mention my anniversary and birthday in the first half of August as well... it's almost too much to contemplate... I will be exhausted by the end of August.  I'll need a vacation from all this recreation!

Then in September we will be gearing up for my guild's quilt show in October.  I'm glad I didn't sign up to be on the committee this year.  That is IF we even HAVE a quilt show this year.  I hear that we don't have many vendors signed up yet because there is a big quilt show in Palm Springs or Palm Desert that same weekend... that would really be sad if we had to cancel our show for lack of vendors, but the show is where our guild gets much of our income for the year to pay for our speakers, workshops and such.

October is the guild show, November is the fall retreat... it just doesn't end does it?

I am so looking forward to all of it though!  I have another month's respite from the hectic chaos of the summer - May looks like it will be a quiet month at least.

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  1. I found you via "Sew and Sow"--I LOVE the quilting on this quilt also. Thanks for sharing!