Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day2, Saturday 1/29: at sea.

We both felt 100% more human on Saturday morning.  We got up, had a nice breakfast in the restaurant and ran off to our respective classes.   I learned a lot about EQ7 today, and Joe said he learned at least 4 things he didn’t even know his camera could do, so we both learned a lot.  The first class was about using photographs in EQ7… very interesting and there’s SO much to do with photos… 

One thing I noticed is how very very blue the Caribbean is.  It is a beautiful clear blue without that greenish cast I’m used to seeing in the Pacific.  Amazingly blue and the bits of sky we can see between clouds is a pale echo of the sea.

After lunch, I had another class and Joe went off to walk around the deck, get some eye candy with all the pretty ladies around the pool, and take a nap.  My second class was a more basic EQ7 class, and though I’ve played with the program a bit, I still learned several things that I didn’t know before.  

It’s Saturday night and we’ve decided to skip the shows, casino, shops and other entertainments.  We’re sitting in our stateroom listening to the ocean.  Our balcony door is open – it’s actually warmer outside than inside at 9pm… We’re watching a little tv, but we’ll settle in for some personal time to ourselves…

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