Monday, January 31, 2011

Day3, Sunday 1/30/11: Samana

Warm and balmy weather prevailed in the Dominican Republic today, though the morning looked cloudy and even a bit rainy in the distance.  It soon cleared leaving beautiful blue skies.  We took the tender boat to Cayo Lavantado beach, where we swam, snorkeled, and relaxed in the sun for a couple of hours.   I got to see a puffer fish and a needle fish, lots of starfish, sea urchins, and a few jellyfish too. 

The beach sands were gleaming white and the water around the beach was a brilliant pale turquoise and so very very clear.  It’s no wonder the Caribbean is such a draw for people – the colors alone are awe-inspiring.  Everything from the waters to the greens of the vegetation – all of it was brilliant and just seemed jewel-like in the sun.  The next time someone calls something 'Caribbean Blue' I won't scoff and say 'the ocean isn't that color'.   I could live in a place like this!

I bought a few trinkets on the way back to the ship.  Joe took a nap while I read and relaxed.  We enjoyed a nice lobster dinner with a couple from Minnesota and another from Alaska.  After dinner there was comedy from what I have to guess is second-stringers from Second City Comedy.  Some of it was funny, some of it just missed the mark, if you know what I mean.  Still, it was an enjoyable hour.  

Dark Knight is on the NCL tv tonight… I’ll let Joe sleep while I watch and read… then time for bed for me too – tomorrow we’ll be in Tortola… nothing special planned, just gonna go into town and walk around for a while, take it easy and slow.  Posted Monday morning, when internet rates are halved for the morning.

Oh… I forgot to mention – I went to play Bingo today.  I didn’t win at Bingo, but they did have a drawing for a diamond and sapphire necklace… I WON the raffle!  The diamond you practically need a magnifying glass to see but the sapphire is quite a bit larger.  It’s a very dark blue and I’m sure it’s all just shy of costume jewelry (or they wouldn’t be giving it away).  Still, it was very cool to win and I can’t wait to have a chance to wear it.

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