Sunday, January 16, 2011

Late night ponderings

So I'm sitting here a little after midnight on a Saturday night.  The house is mostly quiet - husband asleep, son upstairs with his fiancee... and I'm watching adult swim (Japanese anime) on tv.  I'm afraid to go to sleep - I've been having the worst dreams and nightmares lately.  I guess I should explain that my husband and I are planning a trip in a couple of weeks - we'll be flying to Miami - and I HATE flying... most of the nightmares about flying or travel.  So my doctor prescribed me some Xanax to calm me down and help me sleep. I guess I'm a little afraid of taking them because I'm still reluctant to try sleeping - I'll only take them if and when I have trouble sleeping, not every night.  So here I am stuck to the tv in the wee hours.

I guess I should be happy somewhat - I'm sewing and creating again after a long dry spell.  I finished a table runner and the top of a quilt made with the leftover fabric from the runner.

After such a long time without sewing I was beginning to doubt my devotion to my favorite hobby - quilting.  I have a tendency to become obsessed with something til I'm done with it and move on to something else.  I really thought quilting was one obsession that would stick with me, but I was beginning to doubt myself there as my quilting mojo seemed to fade away this past year.  I'm so glad I've still got the impetus to create and to work with fabric.  Besides, I think my husband might kill me after such vast expenditures of money if I just up and quit lol...

On the upside, I'm registered in classes at Road to California (big quilt show) on Tuesday and Friday, and I'll be actually seeing the show on Thursday.  And of course there's the trip to the Caribbean at the end of the month.  I'm also going to a Machine Quilters' Getaway in Trinidad at the end of February.  I'll be going to a quilting retreat in Ramona in April, which should be fun too.

I've gone back to exercising at the Y three times a week instead of in the park.... the exercise is lower impact which is better for my knee.  I'm hoping to take off a little weight before we fly to Miami and a good bit more before the Trinidad trip.  I've just started reading the 17-day Diet book.  We'll see if it helps.  I'll start the diet as quickly as I can, start both Joe and myself at the same time.  Maybe it'll work... it certainly can't hurt.  Personally, I think all of these diets have some merit - if you follow ANY diet plan, it's bound to work... I just don't want to spend $50 bucks a month to belong to a diet 'club' when I can try to manage it at home.  I know the support is great, but I'll be doing this with my husband and who knows - maybe a friend or two might join in.

Ok, on another note entirely, my Mom's BFF Millie is in the hospital with congestive heart failure.  They are taking good care of her, but I feel just devastated that I've been unable to visit her as yet.  Tomorrow we've set aside a day to drop in and see her.  I feel like such a bad friend for not visiting til now, but I know she was sleeping a lot early on, and we've been so overwhelmed with activities here of late.  I'm glad tomorrow is a free day for us so we can take the trip into the city to see her.  Maybe her daughter Debbie will be there and I can give her the quilt I made for her.  I'll take it with me anyway, just in case.

Enough rambling, because that's really all I'm doing here.  But it feels good to get it all out... sometimes I feel like this is my only venue to vent sometimes... I'm glad it's here... I guess I could keep a paper and pen journal, but this is so much faster.   IF anyone reads this, thanks for letting me vent. 

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  1. Love the quilt and runner.

    Would you share the pattern, please.