Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 4 Monday 1/31/11: Tortola

Again the day was warm, even warmer than yesterday and a bit more humid.  We had no excursion planned, so we just walked around Road Town, the capital of Tortola.  We shopped a little, Joe bought a new hat, I bought a piratey-looking bag that says ‘Time flies when you’re having rum’…. All very cutesy but I wanted a momento of our stop in Tortola.  

We also visited their Folk Museum, which is was a very small museum of the history of the island and it’s peoples.  Basically it was an anthropology museum and had a lot of interesting information about the indigenous peoples of the area and the African and English influences as well.  There were a few artifacts on display, both pre- and post-historical.  

One of the things I noticed about everything in Road Town – it was NOT for the mobility-hampered!  Every little shop had 2 or 3 steps up to get inside.  The Folk Museum had two sets of VERY steep steps leading up it… I let Joe help me get up them, they were that steep.  Still, it was worth the effort.  

It was nice that there were lovely little tree-shaded plazas with benches scattered here and there about the town so we could stop and rest from time to time.  

The people were warm and friendly.  When we asked directions of a lovely young woman with her son tagging along behind, she directed us straight to our destination.  It was a good thing we asked too, because Joe thought it was in the other direction.  Men!

We returned to the ship just in time for a nice lunch, then a swim in the ship’s pool.  Finally, we returned to the room for showers, relaxation and naps.  Joe then took a long walk around the ship while I read on the balcony, enjoying the warm afternoon sun and warmth.  Maybe a little too much sun today – I’m pretty pink all over… me who usually tans instead of burns.  Anyway, I didn’t want to change out of my pj’s, which I put on after my shower, so we went to the buffet (that IS what NCL’s freestyle cruising is supposed to be all about – you don’t have to dress for dinner if you don’t want to).  

Now, I’m off to the internet café to check email and post this summation of our day in Tortola, to let Benito and Everton make up our room for the night.  Oh, I could definitely live the rest of my life with this kind of service…

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