Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow I leave for LAX and a flight to Miami, where we join our shipmates for an 8 day cruise through the Caribbean.  We will have stops in Samana, Antigua, Barbados, Tortola and St. Kitts.  When we're not stopped in our various ports of call, we'll be taking classes - Joe will be learning photography techniques and I will be learning EQ7.  Mostly the EQ7 classes will be on using photographs in quilts, but hopefully I'll learn more about using the program itself during the course of things.

I'm SO looking forward to the cruise.  The Xanax has helped me remain calm in these days before the cruise and I've been sleeping through the night... mostly.  Tonight is the last night before we fly, so we'll see how things go.  The packing is mostly done except for last minute things, so tomorrow I will play mah jong in the morning and leave the final preparations to my DH to handle. 

E-docs are printed, boarding passes are printed... there's just so much to think about before a trip!  I can't imagine how these ladies handle things when they have to transport their sewing machines by plane as well... Even with just a featherweight, it must be a nightmare to fly to a quilting cruise.  Just bringing a pair of computers and all the camera equipment is a bit of a nightmare...

Speaking of nightmares... it's almost time for bed and sleep.  Hopefully I will return home more tanned, with a stronger grasp of EQ7 and some lovely trip photos to remember this vacation. 

It will be nice having a room to ourselves as well - usually we have to share our room with a dog, two cats and the door has to remain open all the time so the critters can get in and out at their leisure - they are very demanding when things (like closed doors) don't go their way.  Makes having private time very unlikely at home... We will have a lovely stateroom to ourselves for 8 days and nights!  hooray!

Well, off to bed with me... tomorrow this time of night I'll be winging my way to Miami... peace out.

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