Sunday, January 20, 2013

Northern Wilderness, 2 more blocks

Two more Northern Wilderness blocks are done... Excuse the out of focus picture though, I just couldn't get a good pic of the moose for some reason.

I also finished piecing the center of my third Hidden Wells quilt.  I started this one as a class sample, with blocks in various stages of completion.  I figured once the class was over, I could go ahead and finish them all.  Here it is with a potential border fabric I'm auditioning for it.  Even though the original inspiration for the colors came from a wild floral fabric, the completed center has a southwestern vibe to it, so I changed my border choice.

It sure makes the turqoise stand out, but that's okay in my opinion.  Still debating on the dark blue strip as the first border... maybe it needs a gold instead?

Anyway, I am looking forward to Road to California next weekend.  Of course, I am going with my husband, which means less shopping than I'd like, but that is a good thing.  There is nothing that I really NEED.  On an up note, we will be taking a long-arm class together... that should be fun.

After Road, I need to really work hard to finish the applique parts of Northern Wilderness if I can because in March, my new BOM begins.  It is called Woodland Creatures and I'm really looking forward to starting on it.  I'd like to have NW appliques done with only piecing left, so I can concentrate my applique skills on the new quilt.

This is what the quilt is supposed to look like when I'm done with it.  I wish I knew who the designer of this quilt is... It is SO amazing.  I'm just thrilled to be able to participate in the BOM.  If you like it - you can learn more about it here. 

I think I'm going to do mine with a black background though (the choices for the BOM are brown or navy... I'm going to use my own background fabric).  Anyway... it will be a fun journey regardless.  I just hope they don't expect me to do hand applique!  I'm all about the raw-edge, fusible techniques.

Not that I have anything against hand applique, needle-turn, or any other techniques.  It's just I have tried them, and they are not for me.  I like the speed and immediate gratification of fusing.  It's all good - we are, after all, all of us 'material girls' and our techniques shouldn't separate what unites us - our love of fabric and making something beautiful out of it.



  1. *Love* these Norther Wilderness blocks.

    The Woodland Creatures quilt is by Rosemary Makhan and has a poignant story that you can read here:

    I found the information when I was hunting out a source for the pattern set alone. It'll be at least summertime before I start working on mine, though. It would be awesome if you share your progress at BOMs Away. :)

  2. Lynn, thanks so much for sharing the info about the Woodland creatures quilt! I will go check it out now!