Thursday, January 31, 2013


Now that I'm recovered from the quilt show, I finished two more applique blocks.  Well, they are fused, but not stitched down yet, so I guess I can't really call them 'finished', but they are ALMOST done.  I'm not looking forward to doing all this edge stitching, but right now I've got so many other projects calling my name that I don't know when I'm going to get to all this edge stitching. 

 This is the loon, and I have to say it was'nt easy finding a black and white striped batik for the neck.  I finally found a  black batik with white feathers and fussycut the neck from one piece of feather.  I'm happy with how she came out.

Trees - they look pretty, but they are a bear to sew around al those wiggly edges with a machine blanket stitch.

My guild is holding a challenge this year.  We had to pick two paint chips at random (they were face down on a table) and we have to make a quilt from those two colors.  We get to add one color of our choice as a third color, plus we're allowed a background of any color.  There had to be a 9 patch somewhere in the quilt.   I picked two colors of purple, one a reddish violet and the other a true purple.  I have added indigo as my third color, and for now my 'background' color, which I will be using in the foreground, will remain a secret.  Here is my base template for the quilt:

I'll be adding some applique in my 'foreground' color, and lots of embellishments, with some beading and such as well.  I've been working on building the embellishments and have to start on the applique soon.  The entire quilt has to be finished by April, so I have some time to work on it yet.  I think I will glue the embellishments on instead of sewing them - Probably won't have time to sew them all on. 


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  1. The loon turned out so pretty. :) Blanket stitching those trees - wow!!