Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

Yes, it is another new year... and I wish for everyone that it be a happy, safe, peaceful and successful one. 

This has been a long year it seemed.  The political struggles seemed interminable and made the year seem to drag on longer than normal.  Maybe in some ways that's a good thing... usually the years just seem to fly by.  Not so 2012.  Not that I got any more done in 2012 than I usually do.  I frittered away a lot of time on little nothings and a lot of movies and television.  Ah well.

Now I SHOULD make some kind of resolutions not to do that in 2013, but in my experience, New Years Resolutions usually turn out to be 'to-do' lists for the first two weeks of the year... then they are forgotten.  So I made no resolutions this year. 

I did promise myself I would finish one more quilt in 2012 and I barely squeaked by finishing up my faerie quilt godmother.  I put on a quick border, cut a back and batting and quilted her up quickly, then gave her a sleeve and a binding and finished up on the 30th of December with this:

For those of you who aren't familiar with this little gem of a project, here's the story behind it.  This awesome paper-piecing website called 'paper panache' did a mystery quilt one month earlier this year (or was it late last year... whatever).  Anyway, they asked you questions about your quilting style, then based on your answers (?), generated a unique faerie quilt godmother pattern just for you!   What's really neat about this is that unlike most of their mystery quilts, these patterns are free forever - so if you didn't get one, and want one, head on over to their site at paper panache, faerie quilt godmother.  The pattern is free, you just have to stitch her up to see what you get.  There is a 'parade' of faerie quilt godmothers so you can see some of the others that were done for inspiration.

Anyway, she is now done and hanging in my new quilting studio.

I have two major projects in the works for 2013.  I am not making any promises on when they will get done, but I am going to do my best to keep up with both of them as much as I can.

One is a block of the month that begins in March.  It is called 'Woodland Creatures' and is a 'by mail' block of the month from Quilting by the Bay.  It's a sort of Baltimore Album type of quilt filled with cute woodland animals.  Lots and lots of applique!  It looks like this. 

My second major project for 2013 is a quilt called Northern Wilderness and is a mix of piecing and applique.  This one I'm doing on my own, using my own fabrics from stash.  I have finally finished piecing all the blocks and have just started on the applique.  The first two blocks are done... of course I started with two of the easiest blocks to applique!

The quilt is a daunting project, but I am doing it one block at a time, and taking my time with it, enjoying the process.  Isn't that what quilting is supposed to be all about? 

Happy quilting to everyone in 2013!!!

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  1. Wow - Northern Wilderness is really cool. I love the appliques coordinating with the traditional blocks. If you feel like sharing your progress on these at BOMs Away Mondays, that would be awesome.