Friday, February 21, 2014

Jury and other duties

I am sitting in the Ventura County Hall of Justice, waiting to see if I get called to actually sit on a jury.  So far today, no one's been called at all.  I hope it continues that way.  I want to make a clean getaway at 5pm.  *snicker*

Anyway, on the quilting front, I finished two borders for my Woodland creatures quilt, and I have some of the blocks pinned for assembly. I rarely pin, but these blocks are SO big, and the fabric frayed so easily on the edges while I was working on the blocks, that I decided to go the route of pinning them.  I will sew them together tonight when I get home.  Here are the two borders I have finished:

Woodland Creatures upper inner border

Woodland Creatures lower inner border
Sorry the picture of the chipmunk border is a little blurry, i just couldn't seem to get a clear picture of it.

So I got home from jury duty and didn't feel like just vegging in front of the tv, so I sewed those pinned blocks and got the first borders on the Woodland Creatures quilt.  Here it is, (pic taken by my DH, so not blurry):

Woodland Creatures, sans outer borders.

Tonight and tomorrow night are the last of the Olympics, with Sunday being reserved for the closing ceremonies.  Are you watching?  I thought about boycotting the games because of the human rights issues going on in Russia, and the slaughter of stray dogs in Sochi before the games, but I simply couldn't miss the figure skating and ice dancing.  So far, I have to admit, the participants did not disappoint.  I don't really watch any other winter sports, so the rest was all watched on fast-forward on the DVR.  It really was amusing to watch some of the sports at x3 speed!

Anyway... hope you are all staying warm and enjoying your day.  TGIF!

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