Thursday, February 13, 2014

Run for the Border

I finally finished the last blocks for my Autumn Joy quilt.  Since it was a BOM, all I had to do was keep up month by month... I did manage to keep up most of the time, and the center of the quilt is finally finished.

I wasn't happy with all the fabrics the shop us to make the quilt with, so some months, I substituted my own fabrics for some of the parts and motifs.  Based on that experience, I didn't buy the 'finishing kit' for the quilt from the shop.  I dug into my own stash and found a nice medium green for a first border.  It seemed to brighten up the quilt somewhat, so it seemed a good idea.

Here is the quilt top with the first border added:

Autumn Joy

The strip of red to the left is another fabric I'm auditioning for the outer border, which will have leaves appliqued in the corners.  This fabric is actually a brick read with off-white crackles running through it.  It looks nice with the quilt, but I'm trying to steer away from a Christmas-y look.

I could use some opinions...  and ideas if you can think of another color that might look good with this quilt instead of the brick red... I really don't want to change the first border color though, I like the medium green.   Help?


  1. I don't think the red looks Christmas, I think red maple leaves in the fall. you could maybe try a light neutral like your moon or daisy petals.

    1. Thanks, I kinda like the idea of a light neutral! Maybe I can find something in my stash that looks good.

  2. I like the light blue for a second inner border, then the red. Does not look like Christmas to me either!