Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting Ready for Retreat

I am busy packing and making 'to do' and 'to take' lists for my guild's retreat this coming weekend.  There's so much to do and so many things to bring along.  I've got a growing pile of project boxes and bags stacked by the door, waiting to go into the car on Thursday night.  Somehow I've got to get all my own stuff, another person's stuff, and two other people, in my car on Friday morning. 

That's where the DH comes in.  Joe is a whiz at packing efficiently and getting the most bang for his buck where space is concerned.  I guess it's an engineer thing.  My dad was the same way.  Different kind of engineer (civil vs manufacturing), but the mindset must be the same.

Anyway, through it all Maggie has been great... though everytime I go even NEAR the door, she's right there, waiting to go out with me.  Poor girl... it's so HOT outside though.  I put her out in the backyard for a little while and she chased around after the neighbor dogs' barks.  She finally tired of the game and found a shady spot to lay down, so I brought her back into the air conditioning.  Now she's laying on the cool laminate floor and panting heavily. 

I think she's a little bored today.  Between bouts of activity packing and emptying out old bins of fabric, I'm lounging in front of the computer... the cats won't play with her and 'mom' isn't playing either... no fun for the Maggie.  I'm sure soon she'll be asleep and snoring in the corner while she enjoys the comforts of modern life (ie the AC).

Tonight I have my McKenna Ryan class at the LQS, and tomorrow is open sew day at another LQS.  Thursday will be the day for final packing.  Friday is retreat day! 

I'm so excited!   Four days of quilting bliss... I will miss my DH, and my kitties and my Maggie.  I hope she doesn't forget me!  Or think I've abandoned her...  poor girl has been abandoned enough.  We've barely had time to bond so far. 

And there she goes... snoring now in the corner...  It's making me want to go to sleep too.  Maybe just a short nap...

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