Saturday, April 26, 2014

Woodland Creatures Top Border quilted

The top border is all quilted... I'm SO thrilled with it so far... Can't wait to see more as it progresses... But oh, all that cat hair that wouldn't come off with the roller... I'm so embarrassed by it all... I hope i can get it off later... but some of it is gonna get quilted into the quilt and nothing I can do about that.

Hooray for Kathy Bradbury for the amazing quilting! 

I just have chills watching the progress!!!

Meanwhile, I have 6 quilts languishing for lack of bindings... and I'm stymied by being away from home and unable to work on them... But I'll be able to start on them tomorrow or Monday, time allowing.  But OH, to find the right fabrics to bind with... always a quandary for me... I mean binding is just functional and all, but it does 'finish' the quilt and needs to be the right color, right fabric, everything has to work together.

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