Saturday, April 5, 2014

Growing Family

Our family grew this week by one.   We adopted Maggie, our new 'baby'.  She is of course, no baby, being 4 1/2 years old already.  But she has already made her way into our hearts and she is such a goofy gal.  Here's a pic of Maggie:

Here's a pic of her doing her favorite activity:
Yup, she loves sleeping - especially right in front of the television.

You can't really see it in these pictures, but her tongue hangs out of the side of her mouth because she is missing some teeth on the left side... it's very comical but does her no harm...

Here's a pic of Maggie when she was first rescued about 5 months ago... poor thing was starving and infested, badly in need of medical care:

The rescue org's description of her read:  Baby Maggie is estimated to be around 4 years old and required extensive medical care when she became a Sunny Saint, which included the removal of 11 broken and abscessed teeth.  The lack of teeth now causes her tongue to flop out of her mouth, but doesn't seem to be an issue, just gives her a comical look that makes her even easier to love.  She is a fun-loving, sweet girl that loves to play with toys, is friendly with all people, but is a little reserved until she gets to know you and has lived peacefully with rabbits, chickens and cats in foster care. She would do best as an only dog, or with a very submissive dog after slow introductions, which are essential for her. She loves to go for walks, and rides well in the car. She is housebroken and crate trained, but is fully trustworthy in the house free roaming as well. She is learning her basic obedience commands as well.  
A pic of her now, healthy and filled out some:

She could still stand a few pounds on her frame, but doesn't she look great?  And she's so loving and sweet.  She even 'purrs' when she's happy.  She makes a grumbly noise, which we call her 'purr'. 

Anyway, she's intrigued by the cats, but the interest isn't really mutual, so she has no playmates other than me and Joe. It's a shame she's aggressive with other dogs, as we are surrounded on all sides by houses with dogs, and it would be awesome if she could play with them.  Perhaps with some training and aggression therapy, she might become more social with dogs.

She loves people though and has been friendly with everyone who's come over since we got her, even friends who smell of other dogs, like my friend Kathy who has 2 dogs of her own.

We start her training on Weds. afternoon this week with a trainer.  Hopefully she will learn her basic commands as well as how to get along with other dogs.

Despite the new 'tasks' to be done like feeding, walking, playing and so forth, I have managed to get a little sewing done... but the operative word here is 'little.'  Perhaps when I go on retreat next weekend, I will get more done.

My goals for next weekend:
  • Finish the Woodland Creatures borders
  • Put the borders on Woodland Creatures quilt
  • Do the edge stitching on Marlyn's applique (friend finished making a top and realized she hadn't sewn down her appliques... asked me to do it for her... I'm such a sucker, lol)
  • Sew my Saturday Sampler Block for LQS #1
  • Applique and sew my Bertie's Year BOM block for April
I know that doesn't seem like much, but Woodland Creatures borders require a lot of embroidery as well as the applique.  The quilt itself is a BIG quilt, and the borders are mitered, so it will not be as easy as it sounds. And Bertie's Year requires a lot of embroidery on each block, so it's not just applique and piecing.  I think I will have a full enough weekend with these tasks... if not, I'll find something else to do... I can help other people with their work or something... There's always SOMEThing to do at retreat.

Busy times coming up, with quilt runs in June and July and the Sisters show in Oregon in July too.  I better take advantage of whatever sewing time I can get in April and May because my early summer months are pretty much shot for sewing time.  How'd that happen so fast??? and it's not even half-way through spring yet... sigh

Anyway - today is my DH's birthday and I'm taking him to dinner... time to get off the computer and head out...  Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Maggie looks like a big furry bundle of love! I hope you can get her to stop being aggressive with other dogs!

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. You mentioned it on CQ so I came and had a grand time reading, but today seeing your "new addition" makes me smile all over. I am a dog lover and think you are wonderful to adopt Maggie! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Diane, for leaving a message. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog. Maggie is such a sweet addition to our family, we couldn't help but love her dearly right from the start!