Friday, April 25, 2014

Woodland Creatures in the works

Kathy shared with me a little teaser of her beautiful quilting on Woodland Creatures... It is starting to look amazing! 

Woodland Creatures quilting in progress
I am SO itching to get my hands on the finished quilt!  It is gorgeous so far!  I can't wait to see it all done!  I even have the label already made and ready to go on.

On a completely other subject, I can't believe the sudden surge in the price of Aurifil thread... it just jumped up about $2 a spool... last time I bought Aurifil at full price it was $10.95 a spool, and suddenly its $13 a spool... at least.  and it's gone up from $8.75 to $10.45 online at the discount site I have always used... OUCH.  I knew the price of cotton had gone up, but REALLY?  This much so quickly??? YUCK!!!

I am still committed to Aurifil for the quality but I will perhaps be less wasteful of thread in the future!   There are lots of little ways to save thread, and I will be using them for sure!

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