Monday, April 21, 2014

Quilting the Monster...

So this is the quilt...again...  and now I can reveal the name of the quilter who is going to make it marvelous.  Her name is Kathy Bradbury of Bear Paw Machine Quilting... and you can see examples of her marvelous quilting at her gallery. 

I was just amazed at her artistry, expecially working with applique and I have entrusted this work to her to complete as an heirloom. She is putting it on her frame today, Monday the 21st of April, and I am simply over the moon with excitement to see it!

Today I am trimming six quilts that are finally quilted so that I can make labels, sleeves and binding and get them done.  Pan, my quilt-loving cat keeps getting in the way, so the trimming is going slowly... she likes to burrow under the quilts while I'm trimming, and I'm never sure where her tail is... I'm not gonna cut anything with the possibility of a cat tail under the rotary cutter!  Well, right this minute, she's off the quilt, so I'm going back to trimming...

Have a great day!

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