Monday, April 28, 2014

More Woodland Creatures Quilting

I heard from my quilter, Kathy Bradbury, again today.  She is making incredible progress on the quilt, and it looks amazing!!!  I am so thrilled.

Unfortunately, she pointed out to me that I missed sewing down with my blanket stitch three leaves... I hope I can sew them down when I get the quilt back!

Anyway the progress is amazing.
This is the robin block with feathers and McTavishing to fill in the spaces... I just love the texturing of it all.
And the squirrel block - one of my favorite blocks because i just LOVE squirrels... and Kathy has done it so well, I am in awe!

She wants to put the quilt in a show in Plano, TX in August, and I have said okay to that.  I'm sure it will do well in the show, simply because of the quilting... As much as I'd like to have the quilt back for the local County Fair, that just isn't going to work - the timing isn't right... but I should have it back in time for my guild's biennial show in October.  Maybe even in time for Road to California if they will take it.  We'll see.

Today, I am off to look at a house with my husband... we are still looking for a place to retire to.. and this is a nice city, not too close to the beach (sad face) but close enough to get the marine weather, which means a bit cooler than where we live now.  The house already has an offer in on it which has been accepted, but I guess there are contingencies because they are taking back-up offers.

Got to run... 

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