Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ceilings Done and I'm Still Working

My ceilings are done... the guys are just cleaning up now.  In the meantime, I've actually been working.  I made two postcards for an exchange that's due to be mailed by July 15th.  They are done and ready to go into the mail tomorrow.  I finished making the pieced background for an appliqued block I'm making.  So I have gotten work done, tho nothing is finished, it's all progress.  Here are my latest two folk art kitty blocks that I finished.  They still need a little handwork (mouse tail and feet, whiskers, buttons for eyes and such), but the machine work is done:

There's proof I've been working.  I can't wait til August - we get our 12th and final block for the folk art cat quilt.  Then I can finish putting it together.   Yay!  I wonder how many people are doing this BOM, and how many will finish...

Well, I've got to take a walk-through and pay my contractor... Then it's time for dinner and another contractor coming for an estimate on more work to do ... it just never ends.  While I love being a homeowner, there are times when I wish I lived in a condo and could depend on someone else to take care of exterior paint, raingutters, gardening, and all that outside stuff.  In the meantime, it is what it is... sometimes I hate that phrase but it says so much...

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