Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm not bipolar, really I'm not... but I feel like I'm in a manic phase anyway.  I can't seem to sit still, I have to be doing something every moment.  I started on Bunny Hill block 5 and it's almost done... that was supposed to be my September block!  (August was the one I just finished with the two red birds on it - see last post on 7/24/11).

My minigroup meets at my house tomorrow night and I promised them chili.  I cooked the meat tonight so all I have to do in the morning is add the rest of the ingredients and start up the crockpot.

I have been chatting on Facebook, monitoring posts in all my groups, watching TV and cutting out appliques... I can't seem to stop DOING THINGS... What's wrong with me???

Not tired enough to go to sleep either... sigh.  I will work on block 5 of that BOM, and get it to the stage where all I need to do is the edge stitching... then tomorrow I will finish it up.

I also have to make some phone calls tomorrow... The toughest call will be that I have to deliver the sad news that I can't attend my friend's daughter's wedding.  We just had to pay a huge tax bill and can't afford the travel expenses any more.  Very sad because this was going to be our anniversary trip as well.  Now we have to stay at home and do something locally.  I'm devastated that we can't go because I haven't seen my friend in about 3 years and this was going to be a reunion for us.

Well... I'm off to work on my block again.. I will add a picture as soon as the appliques are attached.  I love fusible applique - it's so fast and easy.  I am SO not a hand applique person (I HAVE tried it and it's not for me).

Ok - I finished the fusing - here it is, sans edge stitching and embroidery, which I will do tomorrow:

I may be a little manic, but at least I'm happy... THAT doesn't happen very often ;)

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  1. Yeah for happy!! I do not think there is anything wrong with you - I think you have a case of the summers! I was thinking the same thing about how many outings and such the hubs and I have been on, and it is totally a summer thing. We finally go outside - get lots of that healthy viatimin D and we get happier and get more done. Enjoy it! Winter comes way too soon!! Actually - I do not know how soon or cold your winter is being in California - does it get rainy? Does any part of California get snow?