Sunday, July 24, 2011

Retreat Weekend at Home

Well, it wasn't exactly a complete retreat at home for me, but I did get some work done.  I cut and pieced a background for a new Bunny Hill block on Friday - it took me 3 hours, but I got it done.  I actually cut out and fused the appliques Sunday night while watching an old Harry Potter movie on TV. 

Amazing how different a little applique can make a plain pieced block (see my last post to see the block without the applique). 

I ran a Dungeons and Dragons game on Saturday - the end of the big fight at the end of a very long campaign.  They killed the last of the evil dragon's minions and slew the dragon.  There was one player character death and one npc death.  They didn't do too badly at all, but it was a very tough fight for them.   Still in all it was a fun campaign and I enjoyed running it.  I hope they enjoyed playing it - it took about two years for them to get to the end of it.  Now it's someone else's turn to run for a while.

I did get to see Harry Potter on Friday night, and Cars2 on Saturday night.  Is it just me getting older and more crochety, or are parents just too lenient with their kids in the movies.  There was a time, parents would just take screaming kids out of the theatre.  Last night, they just let them scream and talk all through the movie... They didn't even try to shoosh them.  Kinda ruined the movie - and yeah, I know it's a kids movie, so we expected some of that, but we DID go to a late night showing, hoping most of the kids would have seen it during the daytime or early evening. 

Today I went to the fairgrounds, but instead of working, I just dropped off a couple of quilts for the fair and then went out to lunch with my husband.  We found a really nice little place in old town Ventura called Nature's Grill.  Very good food for reasonable prices.  Then I came home, played on the computer and finally got restless and appliqued the block above.  I still have to do the edge stitching, but the pieces are on and fused....

Tomorrow I'm having my nails done again.  Gonna try to see if this new gel polish will make my nails strong enough to grow some.  My nails are incredibly brittle and break easily... I'd like to grow them without getting acrylics.  I had them done two weeks ago and haven't broken a nail in two weeks.  I'm hoping I can go another two weeks without a break. 

Oh, and I just have to share this - it's my cat Pan, being cute.   She looks like she's praying - but really she's just sleeping. 

Speaking of sleeping, it's getting late here... g'night!

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  1. your applique work is beautiful! i watched the harry potter movies on abc family and did some pressing and cutting work. those are 2 of my least favorite tasks, so if i can do them in front of the t.v. they are a little more tolerable! pan is a cutie! hope you are staying cool. we have a little relief from the heat wave today and maybe tomorrow, but then it's supposed to come back again in full force. yuck.