Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Minor Remodeling but Still Sewing

We are having our acoustical ceiling stripped in the bedrooms, hall and closets.  It took them all day to prep, strip and resurface the ceilings.  They are coming back to prime and paint them tomorrow.  In the meantime, my house is in utter turmoil.  There is plastic sheeting hanging everywhere, we have no beds, one of my cats had to be crated all day, poor baby, while the other two stayed in the living room/kitchen/family room areas just totally freaked out of their minds.  They aren't fond of strangers and upheaval.  My dog had to stay outside in 95 degree heat, poor old girl. 

Still, while they were spraying and scraping my ceilings, I managed to trace the pattern for an appliqued block I'm making, edge stitch another appliqued block and make the back for another quilt.  Yay!  I'm being productive!  It feels so good.  Two items get, if not removed from the UFO list, at least moved down to a different stage of completion. 

I'm really enjoying having a UFO list.  While there is this sense of being overwhelmed, I can at least see what needs to be done, and work on each thing in a semblance of some kind of order instead of drifting aimlessly from project to project. 

Tomorrow, the work will resume - they will paint and then it will be done, life will get back to normal on Thursday.

On Friday, my mini-group will be holding a sew-in.  I can get more work done!  I have so much handwork to do, I may just work on that and leave my sewing machine at home.. we'll see.  I love sew-ins... a chance to do what I love among the companionship of friends.  Sometimes it gets very lonely sewing at home alone most of the time. 

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  1. i know what you mean about it getting lonely sewing at home alone. my hubby works second shift and i'm by myself in the evenings. the dog keeps me company, but it would be nice to have a small sewing group or even just one other person to come over and sew! hope your life gets back to normal soon.
    tammy k.


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