Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sewing Mania

I still seem to be in overdrive here.  I finished another bunny hill block today.  This is how the quilt looked at 10 this morning...

I didn't like the green in that last block, so I switched it out for a different fabric, a more 'olivey' green plaid, before I did the applique.  Here is what that last block looks like now:

I get to do all the edge stitching now before I can call this one done, but the edge stitching goes really fast and it's fun to do. 

I had a wonderful meeting with my mini-group last night.  I made chili and the girls brought over salad, cornbread muffins, cheese and dessert.  The conversation was fun and we laughed a lot, made plans for another sew-in on my birthday next month.  What a great birthday present - I get to sew all day and my husband will take me out somewhere fun in the evening (at least I hope he will).

I finished my fall wall hanging too - it's now quilted, bound and labeled.  The appearance of it hasn't really changed from the last picture I posted, so I'm not re-posting the pic, but I'm glad it's done with.

I traced all the applique shapes for the first block of McKenna Ryan's Forest Hollow pattern.  Every feather on the owl's wings is a separate applique.  THIS is going to be challenging.  They way I feel right now, I can tackle anything... hope the feeling lasts.  ROAR!!!

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  1. your pieces are very pretty. i think the squirrels and the pumpkins and the house are adorable. good job! i looked at the mckenna ryan forest hollow pattern. what a daunting task that will be but remember how to eat an elephant - one bite at a time!!! good luck!