Monday, September 21, 2009

No Sanity Clause 9/9/09

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So today was insane. Non-stop work. I finished my bear applique, put together an owl quilt I've had sitting half done for months, got rid of some stuff I didn't need thru freecycle, made a floor plan of my studio, went to two meetings, and skipped a third... all-in-all a productive day but I feel spent. Is this non-stop DOING THINGS what being undepressed feels like? - it's been so long, I don't know anymore.

I returned the sample boards of flooring and arranged for an in-home estimate including the stairs. They would have just used my numbers I think except for stairs cost extra.

I invited a bunch of friends to my packing party on the 18th. We're gonna pack up all the knick knacks and tchotchkes so the contractors only have to move the furniture when they come to do the floor the week after.

Now you have to understand that I'm a hoarder - and not JUST fabric - so this packing is no easy task. It will be an all-day team effort, with hopefully some moving forward in getting rid of the stuff I just don't need to keep, too. Friend told me about a show called 'Hoarders' on DISC channel... gonna check that out.. she says it's very motivating.

My husband has promised to make me a gridded floor plan of my studio and my son's bedroom which will be my longarm room someday (hopefully in the not-too-distant future). Maybe I should give him a deadline.. but he's usually pretty good about coming through with that sort of thing.

I have a cabinet contractor coming in tomorrow to give me an estimate on building a floor-to-ceiling storage wall with sliding design wall doors.

On a more personal note, where quilting is concerned, I stayed up way too late last night making blocks for a BOM, and planning the borders of my king sized log cabin. I made this quilt months ago and stalled out, unsure of what to do with the borders. Now I know - I'm gonna make some log cabin houses and trees! I hope I will be able to quilt this one myself when I get my new machine.

I'm exhausted and tomorrow is a busy day too - contractor, then class, then visiting a friend to teach her how to use yahoo groups, then dinner with friends followed by quilt guild meeting.

Thursday morning we leave for San Jose. My son wants to look over the campus and we're checking out property in the area. Nothing will happen quiltingwise or on the house for those four days. While that's not a bad thing, I feel like the stress of all these unfinished projects will weigh on me during the trip. Stress can drive you crazy... Gotta just let it go.

t 9, 2009

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