Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tackling MySpace...

Not the virtual one... In this case, I meant the master bedroom.  That was the agenda for Monday.  OMG, They did it so fast and with such organization.. I can see surfaces I haven't seen in years (and I mean that literally).  Dressertops, floorspace... I can move my exercycle in now (after the new floors are done)!  And it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  Of course there were a few things they kinda of looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was keeping them, but I got rid of a lot more stuff today - including more stuffed animals... still have too many - more than I need, but less than before.  I have a LOT of homework in there still - boxes to go through... and a lot still in the family room - but we are making progress.

My son's room was the agenda for today, but he informed me late last night that has to go in to work early today, so maybe more in the garage today?  I will be working on homework today when they don't need me - I think in the bedroom though - the homework in the family room can actually wait - the family room floors are not being redone.

Really the only floorspace still needing work pre-flooring is the master closet and my son's room, though I think more work has to be done in the guest room too.  I'll have to check in there.

I am so thrilled I did this even though it's costing me a lot... it is SO worth it.  Now the process is to KEEP it this way... that is something my husband and I will have to work on.  While he is not the packrat I am, he's not much better than I am about the whole dropping things on whatever surface is handy bit.  Maybe now, with a little work (but without getting anal about it), we can live less cluttered lives.  I'm SO looking forward to the future now...

After the new floors - new cabinets in the quilting room, organizing the kitchen, studio and garage - and maybe I will be able to park my car in there again (oh, happy day!).   And the pièce de résistance... Delivery day!  I will be able to have my longarm delivered and installed.  In my studio initially, but eventually I will have a dedicated room for it - my son has to move out someday!

Somehow this entire blog has been usurped by cleaning and organizing - I didn't intend for that to happen - but I suppose it is a temporary thing...  Back to quilting soon, I hope.

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