Monday, September 21, 2009

Who's Idea WAS This Anyway??? 9/21/09

First posted 9/21/09

Sunday morning was our first session with our new personal trainer, Chris. He worked us pretty hard, but not nearly as hard as I was expecting. I was fine for a while afterward, but the pain hit midday and I was a wreck the rest of the day... mostly my left knee and hip and right leg were hurting. I was too wasted to do my walking, but I WILL do it today, despite all my other things I have to do.

He wants us to walk 1 hour per day without fail, in addition to the walking we do in the session. We also have to keep a food log and record everything we eat/drink. It's been one whole day... so far, so good.

In the middle of one round of push ups during training, my husband and simultaneously looked at each other and said 'Who's idea was this, anyway?' It was kinda funny... But I really think if we stick to it, this can help us...

I didn't work on the house at all... I sewed a little because I didn't get to do any sewing on Saturday. I'm looking forward to being able to sit and sew as long as I want when all this is over. Not immediate gratification... but not too long delayed. I'm SO all about the immediate gratification (aren't most of us. I think there's a little kid in each of us screaming 'I want ice cream NOW!' Maybe that's what nurturing our inner child should really be about).

Today is my last day before the horror begins... Just kidding really, but I'm sure the process won't be easy either. So, this final day, while I have a limited agenda and some errands to do, is my only day to 'play' for a while to come. I intend to run errands, make phone calls, and do some sewing. I refuse to overwork myself... enough of that is coming, I'm sure. I will be a free spirit at the machine today. I will savor every minute of the process and not stress over the result. I will lurv my kittehs and nap when I need to.

After today... Hell Week begins....

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