Monday, September 21, 2009

On the Road Again 9/12/09

First posted Sept 12, 2009

Just a quick note...

We are on the road. A quick trip to San Jose to view the college and surrounding area on behalf of our son, Luke. He is thinking of taking an Engineering degree here. So far, a day of viewing the campus, seeing counselors, and a night at the movies to see '9'. Interesting and odd. I liked it, I think, but I'm still mulling it all over.

This morning we checked out local housing and properties followed by lunch at Panera. I got sick... lost lunch, came back to the hotel, lost more lunch, then a nap, after which I felt better. I spent the afternoon at the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum.

Now that was interesting. Joyce Gross' collection of quilts was featured as well as a collection of original mola applique. I spent far too much at the museum shop and had a great time. After promising my husband I wouldn't be going to quilt shops on this trip, too!

We'll be here another day and a half, then back to so. california for some mad rush to clean the house in preparation for our new floors. Having a packing party on Friday - lots of stuff to pack up so the flooring contractors can get in and move furniture and install the new floor.

Every floor in the house is being done except bathrooms, laundry, library, kitchen and family room. Those rooms are already tiled. Our intention is to have house more friendly to us and less to allergens. With 3 cats and a dog, the carpets are a serious liability. Perhaps my allergies will get better, my son's and his gf's too! No matter what, it will be much easier to keep clean from the pets AND the fabric.

Maybe I'll get a Roomba or two.... any other quilters out there have any experience with the Roomba and quilt leavings?

Anyway... probably no more posts til I return from San Jose. Wish me a safe flight - I HATE being in a plane (I don't mind flying, it's the take-offs and landings that terrify me).

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