Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday on the Road with Joe...

Today we decided to walk to a nearby restaurant for breakfast.  Part of our exercise regime is to walk an hour a day.  So a half hour after we started walking, we arrived at the restaurant... no cars... no smoke from the bbq... sign on the door saying 'closed for renovations and remodeling'.  However we suspect they are closed forever - there were no signs of work inside, lots of mail on the floor inside the door and many many final notices from the utilities hanging on the door.  Oh well... long walk for nothing... we headed back home but at least we got our hour walk in.

I worked on a quilt in progress for a bit, met with a friend, sorted and folded some fabric, prepped to run D&D, ran D&D, took a friend to dinner and to see Surrogates (don't waste your money) for her birthday.  Somehow I managed to sort through 5 boxes of crap among the homework and it doesn't even look like I made a dent.... sigh.

Joe and I shelved a lot of books upstairs in the library (emptied some of those boxes too).  Tomorrow is Day 1 of Hell Week 2.  The team will be back, no more goofing off... wonder what we will work on tomorrow.  I know Tuesday is for my son's bedroom.... and I guess while that is going on, I'll work on the homework more.  Maybe the master bedroom tomorrow.  We'll see...

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